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Public Speaking is no longer essential only for the leaders. It is important that even the students, executives, or the CEOs; all need to master the art of Public Speaking today.

What is Public Speaking? This is a common question asked by people. The simple definition of Public Speaking is to present your views to the audience confidently, and in a manner that the audience not only understands but also assimilates. When we say confidently, it means that there must not be any fear. Further, frequently asked question is- what is stage fright? How to handle stage fright? Today, any business leader has to influence people when he is motivating his team, or when he is defining the goals of the organization.

The problem of Public Speaking stems on the inherent fear that what if your idea is rejected. What if people laugh at you? This is also known as glossophobia. This has been plaguing Speakers from time immemorial. While earlier there were no institutes where one could learn or practice public speaking, now, there are many in every city of our country.

Often there is a question what is the difference between Public Speaking and Presentation Skills? Today, everyone has to make presentations irrespective of his/her profile. Even the students are asked to make presentations. There is not any significant difference between the two, except that of nomenclature. Even conversations among people, colleagues and social contacts also require the same skills which are recommended for the Public Speaker.

Understanding these questions, and the need importance of Public Speaking, our institute specializes in imparting training to overcome the anxiety, to remove any kind of fear from the mind of the person who wants to express ideas. The confidence which is required for such an activity has to be built up. Nimble Foundation has the expertise to make students confident. How to use body language is another interrelated question. We train our students in that aspect of Public Speaking as well.

The language also plays an important role. It enables you to make simple effective sentences which are easily understood by your audience. We also emphasize the need to understand the people you are going to talk to, or your audience at large. How to hold the attention of the people is indeed important and these techniques are the ones we not only explain, but we ensure that they are imbibed by the trainees.

How to prepare the speech for the occasion? How to prepare for an important negotiation? How to bring conviction in your thoughts? How to understand the body language of your listener(s), are some of the questions which are dealt with in great detail. We understand that not being able to answer these questions always leads to lack of confidence. Unless one speaks confidently, the audience will never be able to relate with the speaker.

There are many advantages of a good communicator. Our training imparts knowledge, we give public speaking tips which can be used on all occasions. That is why for the last 15 years, whenever people google ‘Public Speaking Training’ – Nimble Foundation is there right on the first page. In view of the Corona Virus Pandemic, our Public Speaking Course is available online.

Scared of Public Speaking? Call Nimble for a life changing program on 81695 47163 today!

Dr. Bindu Variath (Ph. D.) (Vice Principal, K.C. Law College) : “I improved a lot.”

Mr. B. Prakash (HR Dept., Godrej) : "I can feel my level of confidence is getting improved session by session."

Narender Singh (IIM Udaipur): “Extraordinary and genius effort to inculcate the Voice qualities in individuals.”

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