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   WHAT PARTICIPANTS SAY                     

Over the years many professionals from different fields have attended and benefited from our various programs. You are at our website to know how you can benefit. Please read views of participants who have already undergone our training. You might like to know the feedback of the people from your particular profession. We have categorized these feedbacks profession wise. Thus which ever profession you belong to, you are able to peruse through the views of others in the same profession. These are listed below :



Deepak Bidwai (Standered Chartered Bank) : "Voice Culture is the best techniques to become articulate in speech."
Ravindra Amir (Deutsche Bank) : "Very interesting and useful! Wish I could have expressed to this much earlier in my life."
Manoj Kumar Azad (Bank of India) : "Speech Tunning was excellent and mindblowing!!"
Ganpat B. Pawde (Bank of India) : "This gave me courage to speek in front of many people!!"                                           More
Financial Consultants


Dharmendra Sote (Financial Consultant) : "This is good, I saw change in my speaking with other people and group of people."
Priya Iyer (Mutual Funds Sales) : "Importance of Voice Modulation and its impact."
Meenakshi Sasmal (Mutual Funds Sales)
: "Very nice experiance!"
Niraj Lingamorthy Neelam (Sales Manager): "It was amazing programme!"                                                                          More






Tarun Israni
: "A wonderful experience. A lot to learn. Was helped me lot Thank you sir"
Mithil Sejpal
: "It was a well organised training session. Very useful"
Pradeep Kumar Anand
: "It was a good session. It has made me aware of deficiencies in my speaking abilities and shown ways to improve it. Thank you."
Ramnath Venkat Bhagavath
: "a wonderful experience. A lot to learn. has helped me lot Thank you sir"                     More





Bishnu Tulsian (Vice President, Bank of America)
: "Helped in voice modulation and confidence building. Also helped in identifying common mistakes done by me."
Annerieke Korthof (SPF Portfolio Manager, Netherlands)
: "Very good and helpful in my daily activities."
Idris Ali Bohra
: "It will help me to fulfil my dreams!"
Mukesh Jain (Marketing Executive)
: "Marvelous!!"                                                                                                                     More


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