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NIMBLE Foundation has introduced a special program for those interested in the BPO industry. Employees working in the BPO sector need to speak in a neutral/global accent with effective modulation of the voice that is apt for dealing with international clients. NIMBLE's Accent Training program trains participants get the best available jobs in the industry.

The trainee is able to neutralize mother tongue influence (MTI) through a series of pronunciation exercises and practice techniques. The programme follows up accent neutralization with global accent training. Participants are enabled to handle a large volume of phone calls in an effective manner. The programme also offers unique techniques for Voice Care including reduction of Voice Stress and Fatigue, and development of a cordial tone of Voice.

British accent is quite different from that of America. BBC English or the Queens English or as it is also known Received Pronunciation is recommended for BPO agents handling clients in UK. The objective of training is that they should be able to understand callers from any part of the UK. However when they speak they should speak articulate English in Received Pronunciation with minimal mother tongue influence. Besides, they should have good knowledge of English language and ability to respond instantaneously and cordially. In fact, our speech training addresses these issues adequately. Accent training at Nimble Academy, includes breathing exercises and the speech organs exercises. It is only when you use speech organs aptly and accordingly to needs of a language that the same can be spoken clearly. In different parts of our country, various languages are spoken. Therefore, the way people use their speech organs in these states are different from one another. But with our speech exercises which include breathing using speech organs and modulation, the local tongue influence is neutralized. Only minimal influence of vernacular language can be found in the students completing our program. Nevertheless, such minimal influence does not pose a handicap for speaking English language clearly. the speech organs exercises.

Therefore, the way people use their speech organs in these states are different from one another. American pronunciation is quite different. American Pronunciation is taught to candidates who want to serve American customers. These students are exposed to English spoken in various part of the USA. Here the purpose is that the candidate must be able to understand the different accents of the American customers. Often the dialect and the slang they are used to, also differ substantially. At the same time, the candidates for the American accent are encouraged to follow the pronunciation regime of American English.


Mr. V. K. Alexander (Senior Divisional Manager, LIC) : “It truly lifted up my public speaking ability and confidence in talking to a gathering.”

Soma Tandon (Senior Manager, Shipping Corporation of India) : "I have improved my extempore speaking with voice modulation which was the main reason for joining the course."


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